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Here at aihmes we care about your health. We want you to be prepared and knowledgeable about what you need and where you can go when you want to find good health advise. We will be having many posts on how to create vital health in your life through: food, exercise, yoga, and meditation.

A healthy mind is one of the most important aspects to a healthy life! If you are not in a good mental vibration, no amount of exercise or food is going to make any kind of difference. You must keep a clear state of mind, so meditation is recommended 2-3 times a day for a clear, positive mind. A lot of people (including myself) suffer from pains and aches all over their bodies. I have personally discovered that through meditation and a clear mind, my aches and pains have nearly all subsided for good! It is truly amazing what a little stress can do to a persons body.

A lot of our stresses in life tend to come from rules we give ourselves or that have been engrained in our lives. Too many rules and you simply fight just to keep from breaking them all with no sense of peace. I know because that is how I used to live my life. I din’t only have rules for myself, but also how others needed to be. Like I can control them! Trust me when I say that life is so much easier as I have loosened up and let go of a lot of rules that really didn’t serve me for a better good. Have you ever just sat back and wondered why you think some of the things that you do? A times we are on such auto-piolot that we don’t. Take some time and consider a few rules you have that maybe simple to eliminate that won’t hurt anyone and try it. Ever little piece of stress and strain you can rid from your life will take off so much weight I promise.

Be free again! Remember why you even started down whatever path you are on and put your eyes back on your main goal. Focus is everything!



Using The Law Of Attraction For Health

When we think or hear about The Law of attraction we tend to think about attracting material goods into our life. At lease, I think that way when i used to hear about it. After learning much about the law, I have really discovered it’s true potential in your personal health! Which Is what we really try and focus on here.

So how do you use and apply LOA for health? Being that I am a novice here, I will run down it’s benefits as I see them, but for actual coaching, we will try and give you a few options.

Here are the benefits that I have seen it bring in my life:

  1. Less Stress
  2. Positive attitude
  3. More energy
  4. Healthier mindset
  5. Financial abundance
  6. Freedom
  7. Better relationships

All of these benefits added to my overall happiness and life satisfaction. Have you ever noticed that most genuinely happy people are typically in really good health? This is not a coincidence. Nor is it a coincidence that people who are severely stressed out are typically sick or have some rare disease that no one has heard about, or many other not so good factors that I would rather not focus on.

The point here is that we have some AMAZING power within ourselves to not only just improve, but straight out cure many ailing problems or diseases. Many people will refer to this as airy fairy or hodge podge, but is it really? Have you ever truly opened your mind to possibilities that may be outside of your current knowledge base? First way to get a great answer is to ask a great question. Thats not my quote, but Tony Robbins.

So to summarize a little here, Using the law of attraction is not just about material things, but a total life improvement if you so choose. I am a living testament to that. Find happiness again in life. Happiness puts you in positive vibration and begins to attract a host of all other good things.

Like I said in the beginning, I want to give you a resource for finding out more. you can visit Law Of Attraction Coaching and see some of their fantastic plans to help you better life. I did :-)

Simple Tips to Approaching Women in Public

The Best Way to Approach Women

How to Approach women

I have been approaching women for over 10 years.  At first I was terrible at it and used canned pick up lines I learned from the internet.  I quickly realized that this approach didn’t work and I basically gave up.  After I was done with my pity party I decided to get back on the horse and give it another shot.  Instead of just walking up to girls with stupid lines and canned scripts, I decided to go with a more natural style.  I started working on my inner game and trying to better myself as a person.  This helped improve my confidence and I began seeing my results improve. This helped for a while but I was a weak conversationalist which made sustaining a smooth interaction difficult, but overtime my conversation skills have improved.  I began to realize the only way to get better was to practice and approach a lot of different girls.  In fact, my friends would get pissed out me because I would constantly be walking right up to groups of girls and starting conversations.  This didn’t always end well for me and I was shut down by more women then I can count.  Overtime though I developed my conversation skills and began noticing patterns of what worked and what didn’t.  In this blog I’m going to share to you a few “hacks” in the game that I have exploited to my advantage.  There are many different environments to talk to women so I will give you my thoughts on the 3 big ones are bar, street, and coffee shop.  Each venue requires a different approach and I have much better results when do this.  Follow this advice on how to approach a woman and your results will improve.

When approaching an attractive female at a coffee shop I have a certain opening line I like to use because it almost always works.  In fact, this tactic has had a 100% success rate in starting a conversation.  The first step is when you walk into a coffee shop to look around for attractive women.  Head to the counter to grab your coffee but covertly be searching for the right location to sit.  I usually go to a coffee shop to work on my laptop so I prefer a table or bar stool.  I find an attractive girl that looks like a suitable target and I sit close to her but not too close where it’s obvious.  I don’t make any eye contact at this point and I basically just go about my business working online.  After about 10 minutes I turn to her and say, “excuse me miss, I need to use the rest room will you watch my laptop?”  If you don’t have a laptop you can do this with anything like a bag or a jacket.  She will always say, “yes” and at this point you walk to the restroom.  When I get back I walk up to her and say, “did anyone give you any trouble?”  Do this in a somewhat joking voice but with a hint of seriousness as well.  She will usually reply with “no” or “yes but I kicked their ass!”  At that point the friendly banter has begun and you can thank her for the favor or say something like “great I knew you could take em.”  Now this may seem simple but the point is only to break the ice in a way that doesn’t seem like your hitting on her.  At this point if she finds you attractive she will want you to start a conversation.  If she turns away and ignores you most likely she’s not interested.  Try this out next time your in a coffee shop as a simple “no risk” way of starting conversations with women.

Picking up women on the street is a little more difficult.  Women don’t expect to be approached on the street and usually they are in a hurry to get somewhere.  That’s why I will show you how to talk to a woman on the street.  The line I use usually begins with basically asking for directions.  So it works like this, I will see the target approaching and say, “excuse me miss do you know where the nearest Starbucks is?”  This will usually get her to stop because your approaching asking a legitimate question in a non-sexual manner.  After she gives me directions if I feel like she’s into me I will say the follow, “Ok I admit I didn’t really need directions, I just saw you walking down the street and thought you were cute and I knew if I didn’t say anything I would regret it later.”  This will usually work well because you have now shown you have balls but your not arrogant about it.  From this point you need to roll it into another conversation or number close.

Finally, picking up women at bars I feel is the easiest place.  Yes there is a lot of competition and usually way more men then females, but the great part is women are expecting to be hit on.  For this reason I use a totally different approach when i’m in a night club or bar.  I have a few different lines that I use for openers that work pretty good, but before that I must mention your attitude in a bar.  If you go to a bar or club and act really serious and only talk to hot women your going to struggle.  Instead take on the mindset that I’m going to have a great time tonight.  The women will get the vibe that your a friendly guy having a great time talking to everyone.  A few of the line I use to approach women are, “You look like your having fun there!”  This one works great because who doesn’t want to have fun?  The other line is “I could be wrong here but..” You can then follow up with just about anything.  Since you have began the statement with a pre-frame if your wrong it’s not a big deal.  For example I would say, “I could be wrong here but you look like someone I knew from college, did you go to PSU?”  This way if your wrong it’s not a big deal and you sound like your just curious.  Your approach not like a typical pick up line because she can’t tell if your hitting on her or not.  I hope this gave you an idea how to meet women in bars, clubs, coffee shops, restaurants, and on the street.

I hope you enjoyed my 3 tips to approaching women in public and starting a conversation.  I have used these same lines hundreds of times with amazing results.  Try to incorporate these into your pickup game and let us know how they work.

Are You Google GEO Tagging Your Photos?

What Is Google GEO Tagging?

The world-wide web is constantly changing and evolving. Since the inception and rise of Google in the last ten years they have largely controlled the development. Most studies show that Google receives about 80-90% of search engine traffic. That allows them to exercise great control over the internet. In a lot of ways they deserve the large, near monopoly they have created because their results our the best. The algorithm they have created has revolutionized the internet and allowed people to sort through the billions of pages of content quickly and efficiently. How many times have you searched for something specific and Google put that result right in front of your face? This is no easy manner because the content of the world-wide web is spread out upon millions of domain names and unique URL’s within those domains. In order to find this information the Google Bot must be constantly crawling and discovering new data. Sure, smart web developers send their new pages to Google to be indexed so they get crawled quicker, but their bot is able to find things that are not indexed as well. To do this they must constantly be crawling websites searching for new information. Estimates show there are billions of updates daily so to deal with this large amount of new information is a daunting task. So much information that certain websites like Twitter do not get indexed because the sheer volume of the information posted everyday. Things like status updates and other short-term data do not A Picture of Twitter Logo - Google Geo Taggingneed to be index and searchable on the web. Although if something like a Twitter Tweet received a large amount of traffic the search engines may decide to index it.

The purpose of this article is to talk about SEO (search engine optimization). The reason I first explain how Google works is because one must understand the giant problem search engines have when attempting to organize data for viewers to find. The key is the more information you can give search engines the better they will be able to index your webpage, web 2.0’s, or Google Business Listing. Here are some tips to make sure that the search engines appropriately index and rank your pictures better. The first trick is to use descriptive titles in all your pictures. This means the title should include location and what the picture is about. For example, if you have a picture of a roofer in Portland Oregon, than the title should be “man working on a roof in Portland Oregon”. That title tells Google all they need to know about what the picture is about and where the picture was taken. Now a lot of people don’t know that search giants read the title of the picture before it’s uploaded, but they do. This is a proven fact. So for example, if your lazy and only tittle your photos Image2.jpg that gives them no additional information to decide if your photo really is what you say it is. Sure, you can add a caption or tittle it on your site, but missing that little bit of extra data will hurt you. The next trick to using images to rank better on search engines is to add geo tagged location data. Most people are not aware of this but any photo taken with a iPhone or other cellular tower connected device actually records the data on the picture under information. That’s right if you take a picture with your iPhone the coordinates, time, and date the photo was taken is recorded on the back of the photo. Search engines like this information because they have another reference to make sure your photo was taken where your description says it was. Therefore, photography with location data will most likely rank better for specific areas then photos without. Now you may be asking yourself, what if I want to change the location or add location data to a photo that doesn’t have it. Photos taken with a Canon DSLR camera for instance will not have location data because the camera is not hooked up to GPS. This data can be added through software programs after the photo is taken. The first step is to find a program that clears data from photography. Add your photo to this software and click clear data. Once the data is clear you are now ready to add new data to the photo. I use a piece of software called Picasa to geo-tag all my photos. Essentially you bring the photo into Picasa, search for you location, move the map pine where you want, and click OK and the photo is geo tagged. Photos are not geo-tagged with names of cities or landmarks but instead with longitude and longitude coordinates. The Picasa software can search and find longitude and latitude coordinates anywhere in the world. Just simply move the map pin to where you want the photo to be placed and that’s all there is to it. In conclusion, by adding descriptive titles and longitude and latitude coordinates to your photos your give Google the extra information they desire which they will reward you for. Your reward will be increased search rankings because now it can place more trust that your photo is what you say it is. Remember, Google can’t read photography so it needs our help to let them know exactly where each photo was taken.

If this information was brought to you by our friends at:

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